Monthly Archives: May 2014

Remembering Three Artists

Today I was reflecting on my goals for 2014. Inspired by this blog post by creative coach Kathleen Shannon, at the beginning of the year I wrote down how I wanted to feel in 2014 (versus the normal resolutions that say “I want to do this,” or “I don’t want to do that anymore”). One Read More…

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10 over 10: May Design Inspiration

I’m married to an artist, and I love it. I love the creativity and the sharing of ideas and the messy studio. I love the encouragement from him when I play with watercolor. He bounces ideas off of me when he’s creating a new series of sculptures. This week was a particularly interesting time in Read More…

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Learning from a Creative Expert: Maria Giudice and the Rise of the DEO

Last week I saw Maria Giudice, Director of Product Design at Facebook and Co-author of Rise of the DEO, speak at Webvisions in Portland last week. She wanted us all to “take a risk” by hugging someone we didn’t know. For 10 seconds. That’s a long hug which can feel a little awkward. Lucky for Read More…

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Client Kudos

In the past I’ve often experienced delays from well-meaning, yet
over-promising designers. Maria produced quality artwork AND was ahead
of schedule—not a minor combination in this world. I wouldn’t hesitate to
work with her again and I hope to have that chance soon.

Chris G., Author and Speaker