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Brand Identity Makeover: What your logo design can learn from your wardrobe

Here in the Pacific Northwest the weather has changed from gray overcast to 80s and sunny. Yeay! I can finally work on my Vitamin D reserves. This time of  year always brings up something I dread: switching my wardrobe. Last weekend I packed away my cozy fall and winter outfits. I find comfort in the Read More…

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5 Ways to Work Backwards Towards a New Brand Identity

Typically a business would consider their brand identity early on in business development. But there are some businesses that are too busy at launch to carefully consider their logo and graphic design. In my experience I’ve found that there is no direct path to designing a brand identity. Sometimes you have to work backwards to Read More…

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Clarity: 3 Exercises To Get Clear About Your Brand Identity

Lately, clarity has helped me to define the trajectory in my work. While I’m designing, I need to pause and take space around a project to be sure it’s sophisticated and strategic. I’ve felt most successful when I can make clear decisions undistracted by trends or Facebook or doing the dirty dishes in the kitchen Read More…

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Design Makeover: Picking Out New Glasses

Last year I had to make a huge decision: it was time to get new eyeglasses. My old pair were nice, but were 5 years old, and their style had faded on me. They were getting old and didn’t look as funky fresh as I wanted. They were perfectly OK: classic looking, black with clean Read More…

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Case Study: Why and How I Decided to Rebrand Germinate Creative, Part 2

In this 2 part blog post, I’ll show you why Germinate Creative has undergone a rebrand. The last post talked about why I changed things up. Here’s how I did it, and how to know if you might be ready for a change, too. Last week’s blog post  left off with my creative brief and Read More…

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Client Kudos

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maria. The results were beautiful and consistent, AND right in line with my desired outcomes. As someone who enjoys design work and design conversations, I appreciated Maria’s openness and finesse as I wanted to engage in a co-creative process. I also appreciated the boundaries she set for where my processing could get in my own way.

David T., Coaching & Consulting