Celebration branding for highly anticipated events

On left: pole banner design from Venice Family Clinic’s 50th Anniversary. On right: photo of a patient-designer from OHSU Foundation Freestyle XIX

As fearless designers for cause-centered organizations, the Germinate team specializes in bespoke branding for our clients’ celebrations, like annual philanthropic events and milestone anniversaries. We share a few of these homegrown projects on the case studies page of our website, but it’s a limited view of what takes place throughout the extended timeline of event branding.

In contrast to typical branding projects, event branding is more complex and sprawling—potentially calling for various collateral to cover weeks or months of promotion. It demands more planning, likely a larger team, and greater discipline to give the campaign legs to stand on…and then build onto that success with greater frequency and additional assets. It’s an exciting experience from beginning to end, and we’re here for it.

Here’s a look at what this process is like on our end.

🧠 Brainstorming and Planning

It all begins with a meeting of the minds: creatives, directors, stakeholders, and other fellow collaborators. During these sessions (typically virtual), we welcome all ideas in the creation of key concepts and themes that set the stage for the overall event.

Since event branding typically spans months leading up to the event, there are several deadlines to schedule with the team and multiple collateral to be created consistently during this time.

This is also a great opportunity to get to know each other better, establish a workflow, and understand who does what—so we can ensure communication and delegation are streamlined and efficient throughout the project.

📛Branding Identity

With celebration branding, it’s important to carry the essence of the brand through the entire project while also developing a distinct look and feel that is owned by the event.

Outdoor signage and social media collateral for Venice Family Clinic’s 50th Anniversary

For example, in this anniversary branding, we looked back on the client’s previous collateral in order to look forward with the new identity for the brand’s yearlong celebration. To accomplish this, we paired down the usual palette and reserved their primary red color for the “anniversary red” of the campaign. This color was carried throughout all of the event collateral, including the logo, social media posts, signage, apparel, and a brand guide for the clinic to use across digital and print media.

🏆Applying the Winning Concepts

Once a concept is selected, we begin mapping out where and how it works within the event at a big-picture scale, as well as all the individual components—like banners, web pages, invitations, social media, print, and swag.

With the OHSU Freestyle XIX campaign, once we had the visual identity created, we swiftly applied that to the save the date and web graphics to get things rolling. Across the next 10 months, we continued to deliver print collateral, invites, social graphics, event swag, and so much more leading up to the day of the event. Along the way, we were in constant collaboration with the client, writer, and every other vendor. It’s all about creating a flexible event identity that can be easily carried out to many pieces, from online to print versions to in-person aesthetics.