Oregon Arts Council World of Work Report

Where analytics and art mix.

the challenge

NPC Research and the Oregon Arts Commission (OAC) came to me with a fascinating project. The OAC contracted with NPC Research to perform on evaluation on a program called Connecting Students to the World of Work (WoW). WoW grants support projects for underserved students to the world of work specifically in an artistic/creative career field. These programs aim to inspire students to consider focusing their college and career dreams in professional arts work.

This project was unique for all involved. WoW was a pilot investment of funds, and it was important to document the findings in order for it to help structure other programs in the future. The fact that the findings were evaluated by a research company was unique in itself since this has not been done before at the OAC.


services provided

  • Illustration
  • Print Design


the solution

There were 3 components to this project: describe what WoW is, show the analytics of the program data, then design this all in a report that was both easy to understand and visually engaging. The OAC had to deliver this report to legislators, local and national arts education organizations, and the arts education field at large.

In order to get the message across in the visuals, Kelly at NPC, Deb and OAC, and myself had to work very closely together. Kelly helped me to understand the complex, graphs, charts and interactions of data that I needed to distill and illustrate. Deb and I worked together to create a design that felt true to the WoW program. Ultimately a report was designed that incorporated an illustrative, bright, and handmade tone. The overall project was a success for all of us. An easy to read and visually engaging report was designed. It was an unprecedented project that broke the ground for more reports like this in the future.





Client Kudos

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maria. The results were beautiful and consistent, AND right in line with my desired outcomes. As someone who enjoys design work and design conversations, I appreciated Maria’s openness and finesse as I wanted to engage in a co-creative process. I also appreciated the boundaries she set for where my processing could get in my own way.

David T., Coaching & Consulting