10 over 10 March Design Inspiration: Blooms

10 on 10 is a monthly column featuring 10 pieces of visual inspiration. Each month has a theme, and this month’s is: blooms.

Ah, March. You are teasing us in the Pacific Northwest. When typically you are a constant drip of rainy skies, this year you are absolutely fabulous! We’ve had unseasonable late winter weather in Portland, including record-breaking temperatures in February. Where are we, California?

I’ve been enjoying this weather IMMENSELY. (We all have, haven’t we, Portlanders? I know we’re worried about global warming and droughts. But maybe we can have one un-wet winter, weather gods?)

I’ve been taking advantage of the dry weather: hiking the Columbia River gorge in February, walking in my local park (you know I heart Mt. Tabor), riding my bike without fear of a wet butt.

This month’s inspiration blog post is all about blooms. Our trees have been blooming early this year. So to celebrate, here are 10 pieces of design and art that’ll bring out the Spring lamb in you.


Art Bloom logo by myklangela



Friends of Grand Rapids Park website design by Frances Close



Floral centerpiece inspiration by Annabella Charles



Blooming animation still by  Alexey Kuvaldin



Sunshine poppies pattern by Margaret Berg



Cereus peruvianus (Night Blooming Cactus) botanical illustration by Karlsruher Tulpenbuch



“Morning Walk” print by Leah Duncan. I love her work!



Bee Bloom logo by Nathan Yoder



Anne of Green Gables book cover by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. I love her work, too!


Love script block print greeting card by Morris & Essex

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Client Kudos

I would 100% work with Maria again, and do so with enthusiasm!  Not only is she easy to work with, but she’s strategic and thoughtful. She has helped me at Prichard on several design projects and all have been successful. She worked really hard to create sustainable designs that we can work with for many years. Maria is also one of those rare vendors who always goes the extra mile and doesn’t mind being pushed outside of her comfort zone with my wacky ideas. I highly recommend Maria for your small business or nonprofit design project. You’ll be so happy you hired her!

Jennie D.B., Award Winning Communications Strategist