The Easy-Breezy Reveal

My client Prichard and I worked on a brand new website for their agency at the end of 2018. They’re a wonderful communications agency that services social change-makers and leading philanthropic organizations, and one of the best clients ever. We were all excited for their new site to go live. After months of design, development, art direction, Q/A, content writing, and all the other ingredients that go into a damn-good website, their website got launched. And I love how they did it: they didn’t tell anybody. Not a peep on social media. Nor an email newsletter saying what was up.

Here’s the thing: your audience isn’t waiting by their screen for that new website to pop up. “Gasp!” You say. “But I put so much hard work and energy into this shouldn’t they all be holding their breath with excitement?!” Nope, they’re not. This is actually a good thing. Once you go live, you have to let everyone know it’s happened.

Clients love to shout from the mountaintop “We’ve got a new logo! We’ve got a new website!!!” It’s exciting to show off that new shiny thing. But here’s something I want to propose. I think that a short period of time with a soft launch is the right thing to do. I call this The Easy-Breezy Reveal.

Why Easy-breezy?
The launch of a new website for an agency or organization signifies a huge investment in the business. It means that they are growing, want to reach more prospects, and want to get their message out in a clearer manner. Because these businesses are growing, I find that they are so busy with their own work that planning a huge new website launch campaign doesn’t make sense. The priority is to get your own work done.

With the Prichard website, I hired an interactive designer and web development agency to create a new website that speaks to who they are, what they offer, and how they think. I find the fact that they didn’t make a huge deal of their new website an honor; it became an effortless/fluid extension of their business.

However, you don’t want to keep that shiny new website a secret forever. Before you send an email or tweet out to your whole audience, start with a soft launch. You let the website go live, and let a section of your audience know.

Send a note to your favorite clients and collaborators.
You’ve got a select group of clients and collaborators who know your business and offerings through and through. Craft a personal email to let them know about their website. Ask them what they think about specific sections. Questions such as “Do you think the About section really speaks to our business personality?” And try a personalized note on a few prospects you’ve been talking to. This will give them an opportunity to explore your business more, and to remind them how awesome you are.

When is Easy-breezy not the way to go?
If a website is created for a campaign, product, or event, then easy-breezy is not the way to go. A site that requires your audience to act quickly must be marketed swiftly. This could be a website that wants people to sign up for a training, download an ebook, or send in donations.

At some point, do a Big Reveal!
Don’t keep that shiny new website a secret forever. A few months down the road, after you’ve gotten the hang of your new website, know how to use the backend, and post some new content, let your people know. It’s time to let more people know what you have to offer. Showcase the website in an email marketing campaign. And get some screengrabs for social media share.

If you’ve got a website that needs a spruce, and you’re too busy to know what to do, let’s talk. I may be able to help you with your own easy-breezy reveal.