10 on 10: February Design Inspiration

10 on 10 is a monthly column featuring 10 pieces of visual inspiration. Each month has a theme, and this month’s is: hearts and love.

In honor of the launch of The Love Project, I feel like hearts are in order. I knew of a few hearts and love historically represented in design (Milton Glaser’s iconic “I Heart NY”, for one). But I was also happy to stumble upon some contemporary designs and illustrations that were fun to look at. Prints that wink, posters to hang, and women who rock: get inspired by the following collection.

Note: You ask why the title “10 on 10”? Because these posts will come out on the 10th of each month. “But, Maria, you missed the 10th.” Yeah, I know. But I had to show you the love. Even if it’s a few days late.

Heart print by Wink


Book cover by Jozef Baláž


Heart’s Dreamboat Annie


Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture in New York and in Jerusalem, Israel


Milton Glaser’s  I Love New York logo


Linda Eliasen’s Altitude Design Summit letterpress coasters


Rubro Iced Tea logo

Alexander Girard’s Love Heart print


Two lovely album covers: Young at Heart by Doris Day and Frank Sinatra. Anyone Who Had a Heart by Dionne Warwick.


Comme des Garçons Play logo designed by Filip Pagowski