10 over 10 August Design Inspiration: Birthdays

10 on 10 is a monthly column featuring 10 pieces of visual inspiration. Each month has a theme, and this month’s is: Birthdays!!!

I love August for lots of reasons. Tomatoes ripening in the garden. The sun setting late into the night. There is not one national holiday but people tend to take some well-desereved time off. And it’s my birthday month.

I’m totally one of those people who brags about my birthday. I’m not shy to tell you what I want (cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, wind chimes, spa days). I love celebrating by taking yoga classes with friends followed by eating mass quantities of cake and drinking a lovely glass of wine. I also take stock in my past year, reflecting on where I’ve been, what big accomplishments I made during the year, what things I’d change, and what I’m grateful for.

The following graphics are inspired by birthdays and carry the spirit of celebration.  These ten pieces will inspire you to sing “Happy Birthday To You” to the next person you see. Do it. I dare you. I bet you she had a birthday at some point in the past year. Tell me how it goes.


Birthday graphics for her mum’s 50th birthday by designer Gabby Lord



Party animals by Lydia Nichols



Don’t forget! But if you do, you can send this card by 55 Hi’s



Neuarmy designs a birthday graphic for design blog Swiss Miss



Illustration from Friends of Type



Vintage birthday card illustration



I’m always buying Rifle Paper Co.’s cards. They are so darling. Have a feliz cumpleaños with this one.



A slice of cake illustration



Rainbow Cake from Martha Stewart


Bert and Ernie wish U a happy birthday.