Love Project #5


The latest Love Project submission comes from AG. This submission took a bit of time to travel to my inbox. AG was visiting his 98 year old grandma and wanted to ask what love is to her. “She surely knows!” he said.

What I love about her answer is that it’s not about an object or a person, but about compassion. The simplicity of taking a moment to witness. The compassion to step back and see that those around us are kind to us, take care of us, and love us. When my life gets hectic and crazy bananas, I find myself forgetting to take a moment to witness the generosity and kindness around me. Especially as a solo-creative managing own business: at times I’m frantic running from A to B to C then back to B and not reflecting on those around me who have been generous. Those have enabled me to get to C.  There have been so many of you that have helped me to grow and achieve.

Today, I take a moment to pause and reflect on all those that have been kind to me. My friends, family, clients, barista, lady in the grocery store who let’s me get in line before her, the cat I saw on my walk yesterday who let me pet him for way too long, friends that have passed, new little babies I’m just getting to know. You guys know who you are. If you’re reading this stand up, open your arms wide, then give yourself a big squeeze. That’s a hug from me.

This week, can you take some time to witness? Stay still and see those around you who are offering you their love, sympathy, compassion, gratitude, or maybe just a real good laugh? Let me know what you find out.