Are you ready to hire a different kind of graphic designer?

Here are 7 signs that scream “YES!”

Graphic designer studios come with all kinds of backgrounds, talents, and specialties—so how can you tell if Germinate Creative is the right fit for your next project?

Here are the top indicators you’re ready to work with me (including what my clients have said about their experiences, too):

  1. You’ve worked with graphic designers that focus more on the functional side, but now you are looking for a strong creative that can communicate emotions, stories, and ideas through illustrations and designs. You want a storyteller at heart. “Maria’s strengths lie in her creativity, emotional intelligence, and the way she infuses her values into her work.”
  2. You want to work with a values-driven designer who shares your vision for an equitable world. “Maria is creative, adaptable and authentic, which aligns with my work style and day-to-day reality.”
  3. You want a partner who values collaboration and adapts to your unique needs for your project. “She is a partner in the process. She doesn’t come in with a preconceived notion of what we need.”
  4. You want someone who is resourceful and curious when taking on new projects, who isn’t afraid of doing the research to get situated with the project at hand. “Maria is really committed to serving her nonprofit clients as best as she can, by continually learning more and growing her knowledge base.”
  5. You want high-quality work on time and on budget while exceeding expectations. “I’ve always appreciated that if I sent her work to do, it would come back to me on time, on budget, and even better than I had hoped.”
  6. You need a designer who approaches the work differently than anyone has before. “She can deliver effective—but different—concepts and design direction, with clear explanations of theory and strategy behind them.”
  7. You want to work with an emotionally intelligent designer who brings delight and sparkle to the work they do. “There’s a lovely authenticity to her.”

Need more reasons to hire Germinate?

Check out our work or, better yet, let’s talk about it. You can get in touch with me right now.