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Are you ready to hire a different kind of graphic designer?

Here are 7 signs that scream “YES!” Graphic designer studios come with all kinds of backgrounds, talents, and specialties—so how…

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3 Takeaways from the 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference

My 3 Takeaways from NTEN: The 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference Game-changing. In a nutshell, that’s how I felt after experiencing…

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How Calm Tech is Reshaping What We Do

Fresh from the 2024 NTC Conference: Calm Technology I just returned home from the 2024 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, my…

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Top 10 Things On My Radar for 2024

OMGerminate, I have loads of exciting ideas for next year—what better way to manifest them than to share with you!…

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10 Resources that Help Our Business Go, Go, Go

We all have our go-to’s in life — local bookstores, parks, shops or even our favorite Portland nursery — that…

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“It’s time to be creative.”

After my morning walk last week I turned on my local NPR station and this was the first thing I…

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Learning My No-No and Yeah-Yeah Projects

My 17-month-old kiddo Nina has a great book we read together called “No No, Yes Yes.” In the book are…

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Germinate Values: Adventure

Recently my kick-ass business coach wrote a blog post about the importance of staying on your toes as a creative…

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Take a Break to Make Creative Connections

Ever since I’ve been back from maternity life has been full. Full of new routines taking the baby to daycare;…

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Creative Freelancing in the Wake of the New Election

Donald Trump will be our next president. This is the reality, and it’s a reality a lot of us are…

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