3 Takeaways from the 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference

My 3 Takeaways from NTEN: The 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference Game-changing. In a nutshell, that’s how I felt after experiencing…

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How Calm Tech is Reshaping What We Do

Fresh from the 2024 NTC Conference: Calm Technology I just returned home from the 2024 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference, my…

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Celebration branding for highly anticipated events

As fearless designers for cause-centered organizations, the Germinate team specializes in bespoke branding for our clients’ celebrations, like annual philanthropic…

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Photo showing two graphic design projects: one for United Way World Wide, another for Oregon Health and Sciences University

Fresh off the heels of our latest projects

Ahhhh, there’s nothing quite like the good vibes of finished projects, especially ones that ultimately help advance the missions of…

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2023 and 2024 written orange cubes on teal background. Horizontal composition with copy space.

Top 10 Things On My Radar for 2024

OMGerminate, I have loads of exciting ideas for next year—what better way to manifest them than to share with you!…

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Animated image of actor Tony Hale asking "OK does anybody want a coffee?"

10 Resources that Help Our Business Go, Go, Go

We all have our go-to’s in life — local bookstores, parks, shops or even our favorite Portland nursery — that…

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3 brilliant ways to illustrate complex ideas

Data, data, data. It makes our digital world go ‘round, yet it can be incredibly difficult to visualize—especially when you’re…

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Hooray, it’s our 10th anniversary!

When Germinate Creative sprouted a decade ago, we had no idea how wildly our future garden would grow. Like many…

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How to make your online annual report happen

Our recent piece on Going Digital with Your Annual Report got a lot of folks inquiring: “How can we make…

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Listen. Ask questions. Open space.

Do you hear what I hear? Is anyone listening? Is this thing on?  There is a lot of noise these…

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