Top 10 Things On My Radar for 2024

OMGerminate, I have loads of exciting ideas for next year—what better way to manifest them than to share with you! And if you have motivations for 2024 (personal or professional), I would love to hear about them. Send me an email or better yet, save a spot on my calendar for a little chat to start the new year.

10 Things On My Radar for Next Year

  • Connections: While connection has always been a core part of Germinate’s values, I would like to deepen this with people in particular. What does this look like in my vision? Meeting people more often, taking time to talk to folks, and hearing what they are thinking about, doing, needing. From something as small as catching up with people over coffee to deepening the connections with clients and collaborators, my primary focus will be making and nurturing connections.
  • Slowing down: As a counterpart to all that connecting, slowing down is going to be one of my personal and professional mantras for 2024. This means taking more time for deep conversations and for the creative parts of the work. In other words, not rushing a project, and instead giving it the time it truly needs.
  • Book club: That’s right, this has been one of my business goals for years! I’ve had a booklist brewing for a while, and next year it’s on my radar. Do you have any books you want to read, and do you want to join? Email me with your interest! In the meantime, here are some of the top contenders:
  • Deepening connections with collaborators: It’s been a full year, and I’m learning I don’t need to do it alone (phew!). I’ll be hiring talented designers, writers, and web developers to take on more of the creative work. Funny to think that I used to hesitate to hire folks…I’ve since learned that oftentimes others will do a better creative job than I do. It’s going to be a new approach to building community within my own business, and I can’t wait.
  • Prioritizing physical movement: Last week, my physical therapist said to me, “Use it or lose it.” His message to me was that regular physical activity keeps the body, mind, and intellect sharp. If you caught my 10 Lessons I’ve Learned, you already know I made movement a priority by walking almost every day this year (I call it my second cup of coffee!). And since it has improved my well-being, I’ll continue to prioritize it—and I encourage anyone I work with to do the same.
  • ComNetPDX: While I’ve been involved with the Portland chapter of Communications Network for a while, I plan to make even more time in the new year to continue my leadership role and help create events with a group of other folks. One more way to deepen connections and community. If you’re local, join us for the January meet up! 
  • In-person conferences: Yay, it’s so wonderful to think about all of the in-person opportunities in the months ahead! I’m planning to attend NTC24 and ComNet24—can’t wait to meet amazing folks and learn some super cool stuff! 
  • Making AI work for us, not against us: It’s here and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On my radar for the new year is doing more research around AI, learning about what it’s good for in terms of design, and even what I wouldn’t use it for going forward. 
  • Sharpening skills and learning new ones: I’m a staunch proponent of lifelong learning, and I’m thrilled about the prospect of developing new skills and refining familiar ones through online courses—and maybe some hands-on classes, too. My goal is to apply this both personally (hello, cookie decorating class) and professionally, like how to be a better manager. Are you planning to take any interesting courses?
  • Mentoring: This year, I had the privilege and awesome experience of mentoring a design student in AIGA Portland’s Mentorship Program. It was an incredibly rewarding time, and it was fulfilling to share all the things I’ve learned along the way. Paying it forward throughout 2024 is my goal.